About Us

We are a UAE based company specialized in Manufacturing and Packing of Food, Food Supplement and Cosmetic Products with strong dedication to bring healthy and quality life for people.

Our products are obtained from the Acacia trees (Acacia Senegal & Acacia Seyal) and exclusively outsourced by the Savanna Forests in Sudan. These products are supported by over 20 years of evidence based research and 10 years of consumer testimonials.


Our Goal

To open the market in functional products by offering our unique patented 100% Natural Organic Prebiotic products.


Our Vision

To spread the awareness about the importance of Natural Prebiotics among individuals, not only to tackle various illnesses but also to help build our immune systems to prevent against many serious diseases.


Our Mission

To share with people around the world our knowledge, expertise and healthcare solutions to improve the Quality of Life and Wellbeing.