1. How Do Our Products Help You?

Our products feed the good bacteria that live in the inside and outside of our bodies. They help the good bacteria to flourish in the gastrointestinal system as well as on the skin. They help improving the work of the digestive system, protect against various diseases and make the skin less hospitable for harmful bacteria that causes skin disorders (e.g. acne and eczema).

  1. What Is In Our Prebiotic Products (Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna)?

Our products are 100% Natural Organic Prebiotic-Containing Food which are obtained from Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal trees of Savannah Forests in Sudan.They are made using our own patented tools and processes to extract the row materials from the trees and transfer them into final powder products without harming their precious components to provide the best health benefits.

  1. What Is The Difference Between Prebiotics & Probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms and are defined as “live microorganisms, which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”. However, prebiotics is the food for the good bacteria that live in our bodies and are defined as “A non-viable food component that confers a health benefit on the host associated with modulation of the microbacteria”.

  1. What Are The Causes That Lead To Depletion Of The Good Bacteria From Our Bodies?

There are many causes that decrease the good bacteria in our bodies including but not limited to antibiotics, microbial infections, stress, travel, chronic diarrhea, highly processed and low fiber food and colonic therapies for detoxification.

  1. Why Do We Need To Use Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna?

Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna are the best functional natural food for both, healthy and ill individuals. They contain more than 85% of the natural prebiotic which is essential for the growth of the good bacteria that live inside and outside our bodies. These bacteria help to improve the digestive system, boost the immune system and enhance the absorption of minerals from diet. The products are also rich in natural calcium which is readily absorbed by our bodies to help us build stronger and healthier bones and teeth, and to prevent against diseases like osteoporosis. Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna are also considered the best functional food for diabetics as they help normalize the blood sugar and hence minimize diabetic complications. In general, they help us to improve our fitness, health and wellbeing.

  1. Why Do We Have Exclusivity?

Not all Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal Powders are Prebiotics. In Perfect Life, we use our own patent tools to extract the row materials from the trees in their purest and highest content of prebiotic forms. In addition, we have a second patent in transferring the solid row materials into final powder forms for customer use without losing their important functional components.

  1. What Is Proper Serving Size of Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna?

See the full products description in our products page.

  1. Should Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna Be Taken Every Day?

Yes. Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna are food for the good bacteria. They are natural and safe and should be taken as a part of everyday diet.

  1. Can Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna Be Taken With Probiotics?

Yes. Our Prebiotic products (Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna) have exactly the right nutrients that most probiotics require to grow vigorously.

  1. Are Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna Helpful When Taking Antibiotics?

Yes. Antibiotics are non-selective and they kill both the bad and good bacteria. Decreased number of good bacteria can lead many diseases. Fortunately, our products can be very helpful when taking antibiotics as they help to restore the normal balance of the good bacteria and improve the overall health.

  1. Can Our Prebiotic Products Get Rid of Malodorous Flatus?

Yes. Using Prebio-Manna (10g in the morning and 10g in the evening) is the best solution to help you solve this problem and get rid of it.

  1. Can Our Products Be Taken With Medications?

Our products are natural, safe and carries no interactions or contraindications. We are always happy to speak with anyone who may have any questions or need any clarification. You are welcomed to contact us at info@perfectlife-uae.com

  1. Can I give Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna to my children?

Yes. Since our products are 100% Natural Organic Prebiotic-Containing Food for health promotion and protection against various diseases, you can provide your children with both Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna. For children who are suffering from any disease please see the full products description in our products page.

  1. Can People of All Ages Take Use Our Products?

Yes. Since our products are 100% Natural Organic Prebiotic-Containing Food, they are very helpful to enhance and promote a better health for people of all ages. Prebio-Tayebat and Prebio-Manna are particularly helpful for children with low immunity, or for those who were cut-off of the breast milk.

  1. Are There Any Serious Side Effects To Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna?

No. In the same way that most people who eat too large amounts of beans (lots of soluble fiber but not prebiotic ones) may have excessive flatus, the same thing can occur with an extra-large amount of a prebiotic. In either case, there is no serious permanent problem.

  1. Colon Polyps And Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna:

Meats and alcohol have been associated with increased risk of these tumors. On the other hand, fiber, garlic, milk and calcium have shown protective effects. The activity of the colon bacteria is important as well, it has been found that a high fiber diet as mentioned above plus prebiotics seem to reduce the carcinogens in the bowel. Here 30g of Prebio-Tayebat in the morning and 30g of Prebio-Manna in the evening will be very helpful and exert a protective effect.

  1. Prebio-Tayebat & Prebio-Manna for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

IBS is a functional bowel disorder consisting of abdominal distension and fullness, recurrent distress or discomfort and changes of stool pattern. Individuals with IBS have a different bacterial mix within the colon, a mix that is abnormal. 10g of Prebio-Tayebat in the morning and 10g of Prebio-Manna in the evening per day, have shown to modulate the bacterial mix in a favorable way and provide symptomatic relief.

  1. Prebio-Taybat & Prebio-Manna for Obesity and Weight Management:

Overweight individuals have an abnormal mix of bacteria in the colon. Using 30g of Prebio-Manna in the morning and 30g in the evening per day helps to fix the abnormal mix and also stimulates the production of hormones which dull the appetite and give a feeling of fullness.

  1. What Is Gut Microbiota?

Gut microbiota (also known as gut flora) is the name given today to the microbe population living in our intestine. The microbiota contains trillions of microorganisms including over 1000 different species of known bacteria. It can weigh up to 2kg. One third of our gut microbiota is common to most people, while the other two third is specific to each one of us.

  1. Bacteria & Cancer:

There have been many articles reported of various microbes in the gut with different types of cancer including colon, stomach, lymphoma, lung, and breast cancers. Studies have found that unwanted bacteria release some toxins as part of their metabolism, and these toxins can eventually lead to cancer.

  1. Prebiotics & Cancer:

Our Prebiotic is a food for colon which provides the nourishment for the good bacteria that are already present. In turn, these good bacteria provide a wide range of benefits. One of these is that the unwanted bacteria as reported above do not have much space to grow. A very large medical report on the benefits of prebiotics and their possible role in cancer prevention outlines these health results. Bottom line, we cannot change our genes but we can feed our friendly bacteria which already live in our gut. Adding a Prebiotic like Prebio-Tayebat (30g) in the morning & Prebio-Manna (30g) in the evening assures us that we get enough of these valuable fibers into our gut.

  1. Prebiotics & Cholesterol:

Researchers concluded that prebiotics maybe able to absorb cholesterol and bile acids in the intestines and because bile digests fats, normally any excess is recycled by the body but when fiber absorbs bile acids the body removes them as wastes. This whole process forces the liver to produce more bile acids, which ultimately uses up more cholesterol.